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New Year’s Rice Krispie Treat on a stick, heart-shaped with browned butter and sea salt, elegantly drizzled with white chocol

New Year’s Twisted Krispie Treat


Ring in the New Year with a twist of decadence! Our gourmet heart-shaped Rice Krispie treat is a symphony of rich browned butter and a hint of sea salt, all on a convenient stick. Each treat is artfully drizzled with white chocolate, sprinkled with edible gold glitter, and finished with dark chocolate ‘2025’ script. It’s the perfect indulgent treat to celebrate new beginnings. Elegantly wrapped and labeled, our New Year’s Twisted Krispie is ready to make your countdown deliciously memorable.

  • Orders can be placed up to a year in advance! 

  • Confused? Call or text 702-335-9307 or use the chat feature below.

  • Our Delivery Hours are 7am-6pm 7 days per week

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