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Edible Shot Glasses (6 Count)

Edible Shot Glasses (6 Count)


Indulge in a unique and delicious way to enjoy your favorite beverages with our gourmet brown butter twisted Krispie shot glasses. Sold in sets of six, each shot glass is hand-crafted, freshly made to order, and designed to add a touch of gourmet fun to any occasion. The rims are elegantly dipped in white chocolate and adorned with sprinkles, adding an extra layer of sweetness and charm to your experience.

Whether it's milk for a nostalgic treat or your preferred liqueur for an unforgettable toast, these edible shot glasses elevate any event. Perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, or as a unique twist for dessert at your next dinner party.


Customize Your Experience: Choose your own sprinkle option to match your event's theme or your personal taste.


Don't miss out on adding a sprinkle of fun to your next event. Order now!

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    Each glass is individually wrapped for freshness and convenience. Available for curbside pick-up, local delivery, and nationwide 2-3 day shipping via USPS.

  • Orders can be placed up to a year in advance! 

  • Confused? Call or text 702-335-9307 or use the chat feature below.

  • Our Delivery Hours are 7am-6pm 7 days per week

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